A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Monolith is a top down action shooter with procedurally generated elements. Explore a large, abandoned facility in search of incredible power, fighting dangerous foes and gaining new weapons and upgrades as you progress.

This is a beta demo, featuring the first three floors of the game. It contains a wide variety of all those things I just listed, but not as many as will be in the full game!

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  • Mouse/Keyboard:
    • WASD - Move
    • Mouse - Aim
    • Left Click - Fire
    • Right Click - Dash
    • Shift - Bomb
    • Tab - Map
    • ESC - Pause
    • Space - Confirm
  • Controller:
    • Left Stick - Move
    • Right Stick - Aim/Fire
    • R1 - Dash
    • R2 - Bomb
    • L1 - Map
    • Start - Pause
    • X - Confirm

Install instructions

Download for your system, unpack, and double click that file! You're in!


Monolith Demo - Windows.rar (10 MB)
Monolith Demo - Linux.gz (9 MB)


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Thank you very much for supporting Linux!

Here is my feedback from the demo so far:

  • The perfectly responsive controls, learnable enemy patterns, and random level generation made this a pleasure to play.
  • Are there any plans for persistent progression (permanent unlockables) for added replayability?
  • Maybe I'm just bad at this genre, but after a few dozen tries I'm not close to beating level 3, and especially considering that this is a demo, I assume that there are / will be many more levels after that. Not a complaint by itself, however my observation is that it's becoming a bit repetitive, and might get tedious before I can get over the necessary skill threshold to progress. Perhaps this is something that would be simply fixed with more content, or persistent progression to allow grinding up an advantage.
  • The Daemon boss seems to be considerably more difficult than other bosses.
  • Not sure if this is intended, but some weapons or weapon configurations seem to be significantly better / worse than others. For example, generally lasers seem to be much better than razors or Vulcan cannons. Ammo for some weapons seems to also last much longer than for others.
  • Razors and the arcing weapon modifier seem to drain ammo at a disproportionately rapid pace on contact (or arc).
  • It's a bummer that pickups and power-ups disappear when exiting the room, for example when entering a vault and finding pickups which would be much more useful after a boss fight. Is this an intentional design choice?
  • I've encountered identical, nearly-adjacent rooms on the same floor.
  • I wish it was possible to turn off the shaking HUD effect on low HP. I don't know what the "UI flicker" option in settings does, but it's not this...

Looking forward to seeing the full version!


This comment has almost all the feedback I had in mind. The only thing I would add is that I wish there was some non-random set of choices within each run, like how in Dungeons Of Dredmor, you can build your character based on a set of skill trees, and consistently make the kind of character you like to play. Even though it doesn't have persistent progression, it is endlessly replayable because of the custom builds.

Persistent progression would widen the audience, as well. Currently, the audience for this game is mostly limited to hardcore players, as it is very tough to get reasonably far.

Do you guys have anyplace where I can find the names for all the enemies? If not could you possibly post a list (possibly with sprite pics) here? I like how all the enemies have specific names though I still don't know what some of them are. Over all I love the game so far and you are doing a very good job.

We'll add a beastiary at some point, tho they'll also appear in the ending credits. In a way.

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Hey I just wanted to say that I love the idea and the art is amazing. One little critique of the controls though, the keyboard and mouse control scheme is a lot stronger than the controller, specifically because you can aim and shoot independently.

It would be great if you could aim and shoot independently with the controller too so that you can aim your blades/sword etc without firing a shot away.It feels like you have a lot less fine tuned control with the current setup.

You can actually aim without shooting if you only push the right analogue stick slightly instead of all the way.

Oh thanks, i didn't notice that. I'll give it a go.

This crashes when I open; the crash window says it's a shader error.

Yeah, it requires DirectX9 to run.

This is great, im loving it!

I think that i got lost at some point, but despite that i had a blast playing this, feel very polished and finished.

no mac love?

Someday... maybe.....


I'm having some difficulty tracking what's going on at larger resolutions. And lower resolutions are only possible in window mode which allows you to accidentally click off screen and bring the game out of focus, a major interruption gameplay.

The ability to scale the game view within the window itself would be an excellent feature to have. Something as simple as a limited range of internal resolution multipliers (x1,x2,x3,x4 scale) as opposed to always auto scaling would do nicely. Then you could go fullscreen or stretch the window for the desired amount of padding. It would solve a great deal of frustration related to visibility. Please contact me if you have any questions about this.

I may write an actual review in the future as I am personally highly anticipating this game's release. Thank you for reading.

wow! I really enjoyed the demo and can't wait for the full version! the sprites are really nice (well done Alex).

It's like one of the Shmups from the good'ol times!

The only thing I would change is the music because I think the songs are filled with to much happiness. maybe some cyberpunk songs?

great work!

Very enjoyable, feels polished. I wish there would be more boss fights and less other stuff. If I had one criticism it would be that the game is pretty hard to read.

Some feedback from DD12.


Really fun overall.

is this a touhou game


If you squint just right.

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cave owns bitch

This was a really good demo, love to play the rest soon!


This game is fantastic!

As pretty much the entire experience was positive, I'll only leave the criticisms here otherwise I'd just explain why I loved every single thing and that would be pretty much pointless as I would describe the whole game.

  • The volume keys on my keyboard skipped the intro. I assume you have it so any key skips it, but maybe just leave it to enter or space or something?
  • First trip to the shop and I wasn't sure where the money indicator was. You might want to add "G" or something next to it on the top of the screen so it's consistent with the shop. Needless to say I figured it out pretty quick but still a little nitpick.
  • In the shop W looks like an H. Super tiny nitpick but worth mentioning.
  • The scanlines don't effect the cursor. Maybe this is to easily distinguish it? Still seemed kind of odd aesthetically, however.
  • The bosses seemed challenging, fun, and fair except for Behemoth (out of the ones I played). He seemed a bit too unpredictable and hard to follow what's going on, especially when he starts to litter the entire screen with bullets.
  • Waterfalls don't slow music like the water areas do.
  • Some enemies (like the small brown guys) are hard to follow because they look similar to the bullets.
  • Can sometimes be hard to find the player amidst all the chaos but I understand this is typical for bullet hells and difficult to have a solution for so I don't fault you for that.